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Mid 2020 I had announced my decision to take a step back from my role as Phoenix Chase.

A decision that I did not take lightly considering how much I enjoy being a part of this persona. I have met such amazing people all around the world and my connections with all of you have been so thoroughly enjoyed.

However, I had decided to study and take a different route with my life. This meant that I would only be able to commit to Phoenix on a part time basis. My plans were always to continue to meet people and travel whenever I was able.

Unfortunately it is with deepest regrets and a sad heart that I must announce that due to the state of the world in the current pandemic, I will not be touring or available for meetings until further notice.

I have always appreciated how lucky I have been to maintain my health and take yours just as seriously, so Until things have changed for the better I will be unavailable within this space.

It is with an even heavier heart that my Twitter account was recently deleted at 30,000+ followers so if you are looking for me there please know that I am currently working on a new account. I have not disappeared overnight and I did not intend to. Unfortunately it is out of my control and it is up to the social media gods who do not approve of certain industries and women empowerment. I believe that Twitter may address the issue of returning my account, once they have finished swatting away support requests from the ridiculous man that was the president of the United States of America, who is also attempting to have his account reinstated.

Please sign up to my mailing list to stay in touch and to be alerted to any changes in my availability. Until then, stay safe and stay sane.

All my love and gratitude for your support.

x PC